Creative director and master stylist Laure Elaine

Laure-Elaine, owner, creative director and master stylist.

  Master stylist Eric

Eric, master barber/stylist at Barbarella  *currently away return date to be announced.

Master color technician  and color educator Amy

Amy, master color technician and education coordinator 

Stylist Chris

Chris, artistic team member and senior stylist.

Stylist Haley

Haley senior stylist. 

Educator and stylist Barbara

Barbara, master barber/stylist and educator

Master stylist Vanessa

Vanessa, master stylists

Stylist Nessa

Nessa, stylist and salon cordinator

Master stylist Rainbow

Rainbow, master stylist/curls expert

Jr stylist and salon coordinator Lindsey

Lindsey, in training

Jr stylist Annelise

Annelise, in training